From Academia to Entrepreneurs

Our journey began in 2017 when as two academics, we were frustrated to see how slow scientific knowledge was being applied to real-world problems. We had worked individually as consultants in the area of climate change and disasters. Still, by the beginning of 2019, we decided to join forces under one umbrella that looked at responses to disasters from the physical to the social infrastructure perspective.

First, we had to become more entrepreneurial

Back in 2017, Stefanie participated in the Singularity University Global Solutions Program as a Google-sponsored fellow. She spent 10 weeks in Mountain View, in the NASA campus, to learn about emerging technology that is democratizing and decentralizing solutions to humanity's most significant challenges.

It took 2 years and several iterations, to understand the changing scenario of technology driving rapid change and for society to sense the urgency of solving big issues like climate change. The Shuttleworth Foundation provided some initial funding to test a few prototypes of the educational programs.

In 2019, the Eisenhower Fellowship, deepen our resolution:

Next, co-founder Luiz was chosen as an Eisenhower Fellow, and in the course of 8 weeks, he traveled across the USA to learn how other institutions were approaching this problem. Stefanie joined for four weeks of the trip. It was a total of 10 cities and over 60 experts working in disaster mitigation and resilience to understand how others were tackling these problems. Eisenhower Fellowships invited Luiz to give some of the closing remarks about his experience.

We returned to Brazil to get to work

In November of 2019, we returned to Brazil to partner with some of the brightest people we know to get projects running. 

  • We are developing a flood and landslide insurance option for a concessionaire railroad to secure its operations during times of heavy rain (3-5 months in this region of Brazil) 

  • We partnered with a local startup to install monitoring stations within CEAGESP (the largest supply and wholesale center for produce and agriculture in all Latin America) to create flood risk maps and contingency plans so they can avoid losses during flash floods.

  • We are in conversations with Google-Brazil Crisis response team to develop a chatbot that can help people in vulnerable and crowded neighborhoods in São Paulo respond in a timely fashion to minimize personal and financial losses


We hold in our portfolio a wide range of projects because there are no cookie-cutter solutions. As a Policy Entrepreneur studio, our work is to translate science into actionable intelligence. We achieve this by working directly with clients to solve their most pressing problems using technology that can drive social change.